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Causes of a Noisy Garage Door

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If you notice your garage door has been acting unusual, louder than normal, or is shaking or rattling when in use, you may need a repair. Give us a call to get your garage door fixed!

For many homes, garage doors are the main entryway to the house. Open the garage from the car remote as you pull up, drive the car in, unpack your groceries, and shut the door from the wall control panel. This can make your life exponentially easier.

But this can seem like a headache (and possibly cause one) if your garage door is noisy. Listening to it creaking and groaning as it opens or closes is enough to have you groaning multiple times a day and asking yourself why is my garage door so noisy?!

Because a garage door is a whole working unit, including springs, the opener, hinges and more, there are several places you can check to see what’s causing your garage door to be so noisy. A trained Precision technician can follow up after your own inspection or diagnose the issue himself. Just give us a call. We’re happy to help!



Your garage door is a working machine and requires regular maintenance. Doing a routine inspection and regularly lubricating your garage door can keep it working for years to come. Check that the hinges and hardware are lubricated. Lubricating your garage door two times a year can help any noise issues and keep it functioning smoothly. Be sure to use a silicone spray, not WD-40 or a penetrating oil.



You’ll want to do a quick inspection of your pulleys and extension springs. If the pulleys are broken or worn, your door will not open smoothly.

There are two different kinds of pulleys used in garage door spring systems. A riveted pulley has bearings inside which will wear over time. A worn riveted pulley can result in a door that opens rough and puts strain on the garage door opener. A cast iron pulley has a sealed bearing, will never need lubrication and will last a very long time.

Cast Iron Pulley
Riveted Steel Pulley


Check the rollers on your door because they can wear down as well and cause your door to be noisy and rough. Steel rollers will sound very loud when they are worn down. Plastic rollers are quieter, but there are no bearings and there is nothing to lubricate, so they don’t really work that well overall. Nylon rollers are very quiet but Sealed Bearing Nylon Rollers are the best rollers for garage doors because they are both quiet and will never need lubrication.

Steel Roller
Plastic Roller
Nylon Roller
Nylon Roller

Garage Door Opener

If it’s your garage door opener that’s making your door so noisy and rough, it may need to be lubricated. Lubricate the rail of your garage door opener and if you have a chain drive opener, lube the chain up too.

If you’re still having issues with a noisy and rough garage door, call Precision Garage Door and we will send out a trained technician to assess your garage door and make a recommendation.

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