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The style of a garage door can greatly transform your home. Think outside the box and explore those that enhance your home’s architecture.


When it comes to trends, it’s about making your garage door the center of attention, rather than just blending it in with your home. Over the last few years we’ve seen the following trends emerge and they are here to stay.

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1.Originally considered a more rustic design, a shift toward clean horizontal and vertical planking and elimination of decorative hardware turns a classic into modern. This is one of the most frequently selected styles.

2.A sleek and upscale design, full glass doors turn your garage door into a statement piece.

3.Emergence of more simplistic flush and plank garage doors in the last few years have allowed windows to become the new focal point. Dispersing windows in a random mosaic pattern or along the sides of the door can create an engaging feature on your home.

4.Opting for one of a kind color choices started in Canada and is now taking the US by storm. Homeowners are more frequently moving away from the standard white door and making bold color selections like evergreen or black to add a wow factor to their home’s exterior.

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5.Wood, wood composite, and vinyl composite are ideal garage door materials for homeowners who want to be able to customize their doors, from start to finish. From exotic species of wood to “made for outdoor” wood composites, custom wood and wood composite door manufacturers have heeded the calls for more unique designs, allowing you to create a true work of art. New technology has also paved the way for custom vinyl composite doors. Similar to wood, they can be created to your specifications, from a one of a kind family crest or ultra-custom window design–but with the benefit of virtually no maintenance.


Step outside and take a look at your home’s exterior. Are there more curves or right angles? Do you have square windows or are they arched? Take in the architectural elements of your home’s design, from the roof lines to the window shape. Consider having your doors and windows reflect those elements. It can create a cohesive and uniform look for your home’s style.

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Carriage House

Carriage house garage doors come in two distinct styles: rustic and modern. The rustic carriage house design includes the traditional hardware, such as handles and straps, which mimic the look of original carriage house doors. This style, combined with the convenience of an overhead garage door, offers the old world look with the sophistication of modern technology.

Modern carriage house garage doors are simple, but still add a wow factor to many homes. The clean design of the modern version creates a timeless look that will never go out of style. Rather than the focal point being the hardware or wood grain, the actual design of the door catches your eye, allowing it to effortlessly add beauty to any home’s exterior.


Contemporary garage doors are quickly becoming a popular option for more modern homes. This style is recognized by its clean, crisp lines and unique material combinations. From copper and rich redwood to glass and charred wood, there is a contemporary option for every garage door material. The experimentation of designs and materials have given homeowners the opportunity to turn their garage door into a focal point and add a unique flair.

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The traditional garage door, defined by a raised or recessed panel, remains popular year after year. Homeowners continue to choose this design for its simplicity and ability to match the exterior of many homes. Many garages currently have traditional doors, so when replacing the door, this particular style feels safe because it’s what was already there.

On a time crunch for your garage door project?
Consider a traditional stamped steel door which may be in stock at your local dealer.


Custom garage doors allow homeowners to create a garage door that is truly all their own. Designed by you to match your home’s style, with unique panel and window designs, a custom door brings a homeowner’s garage door dreams to life. Manufacturers of vinyl composite, wood, and wood composite are especially adept at creating one of a kind doors that make a home stand out.

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Windows & Glass

Now more than ever, there are so many different choices when it comes to choosing window and glass options for your garage door. The ability to personalize the window sections of your door means you can add to your home’s existing style or completely create a one of a kind focal point.

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  • Consider your home’s architectural style: From colonial to craftsman or mid-century modern, each home style is known for its unique features and design. By matching your garage door windows to your home’s architecture and existing windows, you create a sophisticated look.
  • Explore glass options: Different glass options allow homeowners to have both private and elegant garage doors. While clear glass is often most popular, tinted, frosted or obscure glass can provide privacy without skimping on style. Many homeowners choose seeded, hammered, or glue chip as the inclusions in the glass lend a twinkling appearance when the garage is lit from within for a higher end look. These glass types are available for nearly all door types regardless of manufacturer.
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  • Try a unique layout: Contemporary garage door buyers are opting to explore the placement of windows in mosaic patterns, randomly throughout the door, or in a more uniform design that strays away from the classic top panel style.

  • Choose larger windows: The classic top section window design is getting a makeover. Many homeowners are designing garage doors with larger windows in the top panel, adding more natural light and an increased curb appeal.
  • Personalize your grilles There are three different types of grilles you can select for your window panes: window inserts, simulated divided lite and true divided lite.
    1. Window inserts are used on basic steel doors to create the appearance of individual windows. The plastic is snapped into place over a single window and can be removed if you need to clean the glass.
    2. Simulated divided lites are the most common construction for any door beyond a basic steel. The window section is constructed as one large window pane with a grille of the same material as the door placed on the front of the glass portion to resemble individual window panes.
    3. True divided lite means there are individual panes of glass within the window section. Each piece of glass is cut individually for each pane of the window. These are only available on high end wood and vinyl doors and the design is rarely used, as it dramatically increases the cost of a door and gives the same look as a simulated divided lite from outside the garage.
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...Do you need insulated glass?

Homeowners know of insulated glass as argon gas sealed between two panes of glass to prevent heat loss from your home. In the garage door industry, insulated glass is two panes with air between them to create that same effect. Manufacturers of garage doors do not use argon, as the constant movement of the doors, would cause the argon to leak and become ineffective quite quickly. If your garage is not insulated, and you do not have any appliances that create heat such as a fridge or dryer, you most likely do not need insulated glass.

Decorative Hardware

Depending on the garage door design you choose, decorative hardware can add a regal or rustic appearance to your garage door. The variety of finishes on the hinges, knockers, handles and more will accentuate not only your garage door, but the style of your home’s exterior. Decorative hardware is added at the discretion of the homeowner as every home is different.

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Decorative hardware is typically used on carriage house and custom doors, while traditional and modern doors tend to go “hardware free.” Clavos give your door a medieval feel while handles on a carriage house door will enhance the overall rustic design. Many choose to leave it off of their carriage house door if they are going towards a more modern carriage house style.

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Aluminum is typically more expensive, but has more designs to choose from and is typically thicker with a three dimensional appearance. It’s the best choice in coastal areas because it’s essentially rust resistant. The addition of aluminum decorative hardware usually costs between $150–$250.

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Stamped Steel decorative hardware can be found on most standard carriage house doors and is typically included in the cost of the door. Both aluminum and stamped steel decorative hardware are essentially maintenance-free as long as you choose the correct door material for your area.

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